Muston Mill 1878

This is the earliest image of Muston Mill we have been able to find and it is a very good representation of what  we would like that view to be again in a year or two's time.

Muston Mill 1906

The mill in all its original picture postcard beauty.  It is not that difficult a task to bring it back to life.  We have researched it and know it can be done for the benefit of everyone who appreciates our local agricultural heritage and culture.

Muston Mill 1910

The earliest photograph of the mill we have seen. Taken by the Reverend Stanwell around 1910 by which time the mill had lost two of its sails although still having a cap and the remains of the fantail. This photograph will be used to faithfully rebuild the windmill as nearly as possible to its original design and provide a stunning visual experience. We would welcome agreements with local Councils and other organisations so that the mill and its environs can be used for official functions as part of the restoration of this heritage asset to useful employment.

Muston Mill 1954 

Following serious storm damage and the decline of wind-milling due to more reliable power sources becoming available the mill was not repaired. It was reduced to two storeys and the cap replaced with a makeshift concrete roof so it could be used for storage and as an animal shelter.

Muston Mill 2002 

The mill as we bought it. Its basically sound structure was showing signs of long neglect with missing doors and windows and cracked lintels. Water was   penetrating the brickwork and it was in urgent need of some TLC.

Muston Mill 2003

One day arriving at the mill we saw the roof line had altered and were dismayed to discover the roof had fallen in bringing with it several upper courses of bricks. Urgent work was carried out to stabilise the structure whilst plans were made to effect substantial remedial works to ensure the mill survived for the benefit of future generations.

Muston Mill 2010 

Many thousands of pounds have been spent and as a result we now have a safe and fully weatherproof mill. The repairs were carried out using lime mortar and authentic bricks to ensure its character was not spoilt. The mill's appearance has been transformed and it looks cared for again.